Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nail Polish For Sale!

Hey Y'all!
I haven't done a blog post in quite awhile, school has been crazy! I hope everyone is having a good new year. Any who, I wanted to tell you that I'm selling some of my nail polish collection on eBay! New Everything cost probably over $300, gahh scary thought. But, i'm selling it for a lot cheaper. Check out the link if you are interested

Also, I have a twitter now-!/Barbie_Bailey
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Are you guys watching the game today? Are you rooting for the Giants or the 49ers? I'm so excited for the game! Go 49ers!!Woohoo

Hope you guys have a good day!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Expensive Items...Gorgeous Budget Look Alikes

We all have those few products that we lust over, even though we know they are ridiculously expensive, it can sometimes be a challenge to get your mind off them. Through some mall trips and shopping on the internet, i have found some look alikes to match those sought after items, at a reasonable price! Yay! I will be doing these gorgeous look alikes at least once a month. So here they are for January.......

Spring items are popping up everywhere. Have you seen the gorgeous Fifty-Five color Joe Jeans?

These Joe Jeans are in the color Evening Sand. They retail for $158.

It can be very tempting to splurge on Joe Jeans; BUT WAIT, there is a Gorgeous look alike...the Victoria Secret Jeans for Spring. They are originally $69.50, but are on sale for $55.60.

I don't know about you, but I absolutley adore scarfs. When November rolls around, I get seriously excited.

The Scarves of all scarves...The Iconic Burberry. The print is a classic that will never go out of style. The price is a bit hefty though ranging from $300-375!

The Burberry Scarf! No just kidding...but pretty similar right? I was in Macy's and spotted this little gem by Cejon. It was on sale for $20, originally $34. I cant find it online, but i know they currently have it avaliable in stores. Made in Italy...

New Years is Over, but Sparkly manicures never get old. Especially over a nail or two.

A few years ago, Debborah Lippman Introduced Happy Birthday. This polish is a gorgeous multi-color sparkle. The polish can be found at Nordstrom for $18.

This Nail Polish by Milani is called Jewel FX. It is very similar to Debborah Lippman's Happy Birthday. This nail polish is good quality and does not chip easily. It can be found for around $4-5 at drugstores and certain sears retailers.  For that price, you could buy this, and an OPI (prehaps something from the new Nicki Minaj Collection? hehe ) and still have money leftover, score!

So that wraps up my look alikes. Don't get me wrong, i love the original products, but when I find a cheap alternative that is quality, i find myself not even thinking about that expensive scarf again.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to Joys of a Fashionista

Hello There!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a an amazing New Year! Out with 2011 and in with 2012.
Hopefully it will be a great year. There is going to be so many exciting new products this year, i can not wait. They are already coming out with colored jeans...even though they were popular around 07-08, i feel this year they are way less more neon! Anyhow, through this blog I hope to bring you fashion advice, news about upcoming products (beauty and fashion), how to get those celeb looks for cheaper (especially tv shows like pretty little liars) and i will post randomly on my crazy highschool journey! Hope your in for the ride with me!
Hope to blog with you soon,